Carpets Smell After Cleaning!? – What Causes This & What Are The Solutions

Cleaning your carpets is a mandatory task, whether by doing it yourself or by hiring a professional to do it for you. However, usually, after the cleaning is done, the carpets become smelly. Within this article, you will learn the causes of a smelly carpet and how to fix it.

Why does your carpet smell?

There are some reasons that cause carpets to smell right after cleaning. We have covered it all for you, so make sure to follow up.

Improper Cleaning

If you have used a cheap carpet cleaning service, the chances of getting stinky carpets are higher.

Usually, using cheap and mediocre cleaning services will make your carpets stinky after the job is done. What causes that is the tools and cleaning detergents used during the process were low-quality. Therefore, they are unable to extract any remaining water, leaving the carpet completely soggy. To avoid that, make sure to hire professional and experienced cleaning service providers.

Drying Problems

The underlay is one of the leading causes of post-cleaning carpet odors. It takes longer for this carpet padding area to dry completely since it isn’t exposed to direct sunshine or air. Yes, we all know what happens when there is too much moisture, which is what this causes. The result is a moldy odor, which is typical following carpet cleaning.

Simply said, the longer your carpet is wet, the higher the chance it may grow mold and create an unpleasant smell.

Spills and Stains

Food and drink-related germs eventually give out unpleasant odors since they are connected with organic materials, just like pet messes. Some of the toughest odors to remove from your carpet come from food and beverages as well.

Even after thorough cleaning, a stain on your carpet that was absorbed by the underlay will remain. Sadly, the smell will also remain. This is the reason why after carpet cleaning, superior treatments may assist with eliminating these kinds of smells.

How to remove any smells from your carpet?

Use Deep Cleaning

Doing deep cleaning keeps your carpets clean, fresh, and smell-free. To remove odors and smells from your carpets then, make sure to consider deep cleaning.

Hiring a professional cleaning service to handle your deep cleaning is the ideal decision here. However, you can still do the deep cleaning yourself by using commercial-grade shampoos – make sure to deep clean your carpets at least two times a year to remove dirt, grimes, and odors.

Vacuum Your Carpets Regularly

Vacuuming all of your carpets at least twice a week will result in fresher carpets, as it will result in eliminating all of the crumbs, dirt, and debris. If you have pets or many people in the home, then you will need to vacuum more often.

Regular vacuuming removes soil and debris that could harm carpet fiber and shorten the carpet’s life span.

Eliminate Spills

Smell can result from spills on the carpet, especially if they are food-related. Since they decompose, liquids like milk can also lead to a stinky smell.

Keep in mind that food and beverages soak into the carpet padding. Also, it may reach the subfloor below if you don’t clean it right away.

To wipe up spills, wipe the area with a clean cloth. For more cleaning power, mix some water with dishwashing detergent.

Open Your Windows

Opening the windows will speed up the drying process. This is because the room will be filled with fresh air. To create a breeze and boost the airflow, open one or two windows at the room’s opposing ends.

Additionally, opening the windows can make your carpets smell better and lessen any chemical odors from the cleaning procedure. It works wonderfully to remove dust and will help you get rid of any musty odors that arise with damp carpet fibers.

Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is among the food ingredients that are used by many. In addition, it is very effective in absorbing liquids and unpleasant odors; if you find that your carpet emits unpleasant odors, then baking soda may be the savior in such a situation. Just follow the following steps mentioned below:

  • Spread an appropriate amount of baking soda on the carpet
  • Keep it for a few hours if the smell is mild, but if the smell is too bad, you can leave the powder overnight
  • Using the vacuum cleaner, clean the carpet from the powder, and you will be amazed at the results, as the unpleasant smell will be gone entirely

Mistakes To Avoid After Cleaning Carpets

Here are some common mistakes you can avoid after cleaning your carpet:

Walking On a Wet Carpet

The best thing you can do after carpet cleaning is to keep heavy traffic away from your carpet until it is completely dry, as walking on it while it is still wet puts pressure on the fibers and thus absorbs some parts of the lining with moisture, in addition to that, the carpet is exposed at this time to retain dirt easily.

Using a Vacuum Cleaner On a Wet Carpet

If your carpet is still damp after a full day of cleaning it, don’t try to vacuum-dry it. It doesn’t absorb all the moisture, not to mention the risk of electrocution.

Negligence in Drying The Carpet

It is preferable to take good care of drying the carpets. To give the carpet a better and faster drying opportunity and to eliminate any bacteria that could generate unpleasant odors in the carpet. The best way to dry carpets is to expose them to the sun. It can also be dried with a hair dryer or by blowing stand fan air with room ventilation, in the case of ways to wash carpets in place.


Having clean and fresh carpets will give your visitors a nice impression of your home. So make sure to follow the mentioned tips to ensure maximum cleanliness for your carpets.

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