Commercial Cleaning – Everything You Need To Know

We all want to be as efficient as possible in all aspects of life and as an employer that is even more important. If your workplace is an office, there is often very little time for the employees to do anything other than the work they are getting paid to do. This is why companies hire professional cleaners to take care of this task.

Working spaces usually get messy, especially the kitchen area or break rooms. A dirty office full of people is a breeding ground for many unpleasant things – that’s where our commercial cleaning services come to ease your cleaning problems.

What is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is a type of cleaning that is done by professional cleaners who are hired by an organization or a company. Commercial cleaning is often used by and not limited to government facilities, schools, medical facilities, offices, function centres, factories, restaurants, data centres, offices, shops, showrooms, and hotels.

Essentially, business owners should take care of regular disinfection, especially after the spread of COVID-19. Employees in all shared offices should be responsible to wear masks and keep their hands clean, but they must also ensure that the entire office space is clean.

What are the types of Commercial Cleaning?

Big and small companies tend to hire commercial cleaning companies to do the cleaning work for them. However, before hiring a cleaning company, make sure that they use the latest cleaning products and tools and that there is no harm to humans with the products they use.

Office Cleaning Services

Among the most important services that commercial cleaners provide is office cleaning service. Tidiness creates productivity, it is no secret that the cleaner the offices are, the more productive your employees are.

A clean office also gives a great company impression to your visitors, and therefore, the image of your company will become more reputable.

Office cleaning services are not limited to:

  • Cleaning all of the chairs and desks in the office
  • Cleaning the whole floor (doesn’t matter whether it’s marble, porcelain, or wood)
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the carpets
  • Cleaning and polishing office windows and walls.
  • Providing expert technicians for cleaning office air conditioners
  • The whole office is cleaned and sterilized to prevent the growth of any kind of bacteria or infection

Hotel Cleaning Services

One of the most important factors that guests care about when staying at a hotel is; the cleanliness of the place. If your hotel is not clean enough, then you should not expect a high occupancy rate.

When it comes to big hotels, housekeeping is not enough to do the cleaning – that’s why should you hire professional cleaners to clean your hotel and make it spotless.

Hotel cleaning services are not limited to:

  • Cleaning all of the rooms in the hotel
  • Cleaning all of the corridors in the hotel
  • Cleaning all the facilities that may experience high foot traffic
  • Cleaning the layout of the building
  • Cleaning all of the Food and Beverage areas
  • Ensuring that all the restrooms are clean to use

Medical Facilities Cleaning Services

It is worth noting that hospitals or medical facilities are considered an environment full of bacteria and germs due to a large number of patients there on a daily basis. Thus, if general hygiene and sterilization are ignored then diseases are more likely to spread.

Not to mention the impact on society as a whole, through the harm to doctors, nurses, and hospital workers in general and the transmission of diseases to their families.

In order to reduce these risks, it is possible to contract with the best hospital cleaning service companies (such as Mopaway) and benefit from their experience in the field.

Medical facilities cleaning services are not limited to:

  • Relying on high-quality detergents that eliminate the toughest types of bacteria and germs
  • Cleaning and sterilizing gardens based on plant-safe materials
  • Cleaning all the contents of the rooms, and corridors, and eliminating the stains and dirt accumulated in them
  • Using chlorine bleach to clean the floors until all kinds of stains such as blood stains are removed
  • Drying the floors thoroughly and ensure that no drops of water cause harm to a patient or nursing staff
  • Cleaning carpets and getting rid of dust in reception corridors and corridors between rooms
  • Relying on special sterilizers for floors, handles, etc., and sterilize cleaning tools before and immediately after cleaning

Factories Cleaning Services

Factories need continuous cleaning and washing to be able to provide the highest quality of products, especially factories which are specialized in food manufacturing, those will be cleaned almost every day so that the food is safe and free of any possible damage.

If you have a factory that is specialized in medicines manufacturing, then you’d also need continuous cleaning.

Cleaning a place like a factory could be arduous and tiring considering its large area and the multiplicity of its departments. Therefore, factory cleaning services are not limited to:

  • Cleaning all of the floors, walls, windows, and ceilings
  • Cleaning all of the offices and their furniture
  • Cleaning outdoor spaces
  • Cleaning all of the machines and ensuring the removal of the dust
  • Cleaning the whole factory area

What are the costs of Commercial Cleaning?

The prices of commercial cleaning services differ from one company to another. However, the average cost of commercial cleaning services in the United Kingdom starts at £10 per hour and ends at £80 per hour.

If you are looking for a cost-effective cleaning then Mopaway Commercial Cleaning services are your best choice – As we don’t only provide cleaning and competitive prices but we also love to build a long-term working relationship with our clients and ensure that they are 100% satisfied with our work.

A desk that is being cleaned


Even though you could clean your workplace by yourself, it will take lots of time and effort to be efficiently done. Most business owners tend to hire commercial cleaning companies to save time and money – and that’s the right decision to make if you want to keep your workplace clean and tidy.

If you are based in Nottingham and need cleaning services, don’t hesitate to contact us at 0115 648 9151 or get a free quote from our website.