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We’re devoted to rejuvenating your office with our bespoke cleaning services tailored to accommodate your distinct needs.

Featuring a team of highly skilled professionals, an enthusiasm for cleanliness, and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, we’re transforming workspaces across Birmingham.

Don’t settle for anything less than a spotless environment – request a free quotation today and let Mopaway bring the sparkle back to your business!

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Office Cleaners Who Are Dependable And Trustworthy

We are a trustworthy local office cleaning company in Birmingham, that is run and managed by seasoned cleaning experts.

Our commercial and office cleaning solutions are customised to your precise needs, whether it’s regular weekly upkeep or a one-off intensive cleaning for thorough disinfection and sanitisation.

We pride ourselves on being quick, dependable, and effective. With outstanding customer service, we’re delighted to provide an average response time of under one hour for all office cleaning inquiries.

We value transparency, integrity, and delivering the best value for our clients, making it our mission to not only satisfy but surpass your expectations, ensuring your workplace appears immaculate.

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Birmingham Deep Office Cleaning Solutions

A Cluttered Workplace Is A Cluttered Mind

In today’s world, having a clean and sanitary workplace is more important than ever. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the cleanliness expectations that you have to meet as a business owner are exceptionally high. This is why the Mopaway office cleaning team is trained to utilise cutting-edge cleaning technology and only the best cleaning solutions to ensure that your workplace is fully cleaned from top to bottom.

We also recognise that each building and business has unique cleaning needs based on a variety of characteristics such as the size of the property, the amount of foot traffic, the style of the building, and what it’s used for. This is why we provide a wide choice of cleaning services that are tailored to your individual requirements.

Office Cleaning Services:

Everything from your desk area to the kitchen area and restrooms is cleaned as part of our daily and weekly office cleaning services. Our pleasant and competent cleaning staff makes sure that your visitors and employees are welcomed by a pristine atmosphere that leaves a fantastic long lasting impression.

If you are looking for reliable office cleaners, we are specialists that will handle your cleaning operation to the highest standard. 

Professional Washrooms Cleaning:

Our office cleaning team makes sure that your washrooms meet the highest hygiene standards, look pristine and smell fresh. We use commercial-grade cleaning materials to guarantee that the restrooms are properly disinfected and pleasant to use.

Commercial Building Maintenance Cleaning:

Are you responsible for a large residential property, or maybe a building accessible to the public, such as a school, a leisure center, or a shop? We understand that areas with heavy footfall need special attention to cleanliness and we offer commercial cleaning service packages to keep those looking spotless all year round.

Commercial Deep Cleaning:

From bacteria and mould to grime, dirt, and unpleasant odours – an office or commercial building is prone to many cleaning problems over time. When regular cleaning is no longer sufficient, our commercial deep cleaning services are the perfect solution. We come in to thoroughly clean the entire property so that even the hard-to-access areas are all spotless.

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Why Choose Mopaway for Your Birmingham Office Cleaning?

Our office cleaning team consists of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who possess a comprehensive understanding of various cleaning methods and industry standards, ensuring your business stays immaculate and properly maintained.

We recognise that expertise is essential for achieving remarkable results since untrained and unexperienced staff may neglect critical aspects of the cleaning process, potentially resulting in an inferior finish or, in the worst-case scenario, creating safety hazards or causing damage to your property.

At Mopaway, we are committed to providing ongoing training and development for our team members, ensuring first-rate outcomes for all our commercial clients.

We appreciate that every business possesses distinct needs regarding cleanliness and upkeep. Adopting a universal approach for every office can result in a mediocre finish.

Therefore, we collaborate closely with you to devise a customised cleaning plan that caters to your particular demands, budget, and timetable. We invest time in comprehending your expectations and preferences, guaranteeing that our services surpass your anticipations and contribute to a thriving and hygienic working atmosphere.

In today’s world, environmental concerns are more significant than ever. Climate change continues to wreak havoc on our planet, and we strive to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Businesses that neglect eco-friendly practices risk causing environmental damage and may face criticism from environmentally-aware customers.

At Mopaway, we place a high priority on using environmentally-friendly cleaning products and techniques, lowering our ecological impact while still delivering outstanding results. By opting for our services, you not only guarantee a pristine workspace but also display your dedication to a more sustainable planet.

Maintaining daily operations without disruption is crucial for businesses, and rigid and set-in-stone cleaning schedules can interfere with productivity and customer satisfaction.

We understand this challenge and offer flexible scheduling options, including after-hours and weekend cleaning services. Our goal is to accommodate your needs and work around your timetable, preventing any inconvenience to your staff or clients and allowing your business to function seamlessly.

Exceptional commercial cleaning services shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Overinflated cleaning fees can burden your budget and potentially result in compromises in other areas of your business.

We are committed to delivering outstanding value at competitive rates, guaranteeing the optimal return on your investment.

Our adaptable packages cater to enterprises of various sizes and financial constraints, allowing you to benefit from first-rate cleaning services without sacrificing affordability.

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Outstanding customer service is the foundation of a thriving business partnership. As many business owners are aware, disregarding customer service can lead to miscommunication, confusion, and discontent.

We place a high emphasis on transparent communication and prompt attention to your concerns. Our amiable and proficient team members are always prepared to cater to your requirements and guarantee your satisfaction, from the initial consultation to the conclusion of the cleaning task. We are dedicated to fostering enduring relationships with our clients, and we believe that begins with offering exceptional customer service.

What Makes Us Special

Birmingham Office Cleaning Specialists

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Cleaning Is Our Speciality!

At Mopaway, we are passionate about cleaning, and meeting expectations isn’t enough for us. Our goal is to exceed them by offering impeccable services every time. We strive to be the best office cleaners in Birmingham, so we offer:

Working with a limited budget? Don’t worry we are here to help! Get a free estimate from the top cleaners in Birmingham today. We are upfront and honest about our prices. Just tell us a little bit more about the building you’d like us to clean.

hodan elmi
hodan elmi
Great cleaning service!
H Yusuf
H Yusuf
Great cleaning service and excellent customer service.
Queen Y
Queen Y
Mopaway is great place to work at Friendly staff and great. I couldn't see myself working anywhere else Best Company.
Faizaa Ali
Faizaa Ali
MopAway is a highly well professional cleaning services in Nottingham. Their customer service was excellent and would use them again in the near future.
Naeema Iqbal
Naeema Iqbal
I booked Mopaway in Nottingham and I have to say what an amazing job they did! Its a great cleaning service and they really do go above and beyond. I can't recommend them enough. Thank you Mopaway!
Amazing company trustworthy and reliable with their services.
Leila Ali
Leila Ali
Best cleaning service in Nottingham. Thank you so much for exceeding my expectation. Great service, very accommodating and great communication throughout!
Adam Bias
Adam Bias
10/10 cleaning company, great staff who take their work seriously! Would definitely recommend
Such an easy 5 star rating. Fadumo and her team are friendly, highly-proressional and a pleasure to deal with. At the last End of Tenancy clean the incoming tenant said the apartment was as clean as a hospital! Great...
Amanda Hutton
Amanda Hutton
I had an absolutely fantastic experience with this company. They came at extremely short notice to do an end of tenancy clean and they were amazing. They were thorough and really conscientious of making sure that the house was spotless. They took pride in what they did, rather than just carrying out a perfunctory task. I would highly recommend them to anybody who wants to walk into their house and say ‘wow’. I can’t thank them enough for their hard work and passion to make a home beautiful. Thank you again Mopaway.
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